Lethbridge Shockwave

Hip Treatment

People often say to me, Doc, I think I need a hip replacement soon, my hips are killing me.

The hip is an incredibly durable structure and even if xrays show significant loss of cartilage or what some describe as bone on bone, the truth is that most of the pain is not coming from the joint itself. The majority of the pain comes from the surrounding soft tissue. All of which are treatable with shockwave.

Dr. Hedrich is skilled at testing the hip joint and determining if the pain is of joint origin or from the surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. If the pain is of joint origin, you probably need surgery. If it isn’t, then you don’t need surgery, you need something else. Shockwave is the preferred treatment for the hip. Shockwave has even been proven to successfully treat necrosis of the hip.

The treatment of the hip with shockwave is highly successful and some patients have even cancelled their consultations with the surgeon after having shockwave treatment.

But if you have already had a hip replacement, shockwave is still indicated for you too. There is no risk to your endoprosthetic with radial shockwave therapy.