Lethbridge Shockwave

Foot Treatment

Plantar fasciitis made shockwave therapy famous. Prior to shockwave therapy, plantar fasciitis was a wait and pray condition. Many attempts were made to provide relief, but nothing was even close to a cure. Shockwave therapy showed a 91% effectiveness rate in treating plantar fasciitis and even 9 years later, over 80% of those treatments are still working.

There are many other foot conditions that can be treated, all of which Lethbridge Shockwave Therapy has treated successfully. Tarsal tunnel syndrome, various insertional tendonitis problems, heel spurs, tibial and peronial tendonitis issues, achilles tendonitis, haglunds deformity, sesamoiditis, hallux rigidis, ankle sprains and many more.

As with any condition, getting the correct diagnosis is the key to success. Dr. Hedrich has treated almost every kind of foot problem a person can get and because he’s seen so many different problems, he can help narrow down the right problem to make sure you get the right treatment.