Lethbridge Shockwave


"I had sharp tingling pain in my arm for three months and getting worse. I couldn’t even shake someone’s hand without pain. Now that I’ve had shockwave, I’m 100% better!"
- Trevor S, Lethbridge, AB
"My knee would pop out of place and lock there. I couldn’t even put weight on my knee and my husband had to hold me up. This was happening daily for over ten years. Now I’m not afraid of my knees going out, I don’t have to worry about how I stand up or get in and out of the car. My knees are much stronger and less painful. I love the warm tingly sensation that I feel from the shockwave treatment."
- Barbara B, Lethbridge, AB
"I have a problem with short Achilles tendons and it creates a lot of problems for me. It can be very painful and even causes hematomas. This has been a painful problem for 12 to 14 years. Since I’ve started shockwave therapy, I’ve gained 3 to 4 inches of flexibility and this is the least amount of pain I’ve had for 14 years. It works!"
- Alison G, Calgary, AB
"My family physician referred me to you for an injury I had received on my shoulder. After exploring the treatment options with Dr. Hedrich and decided to try shockwave therapy. By the time I had five treatments I was already improving and about 75% to 80% better. I’m amazed that I actually put up with five months of pain because the treatment is comfortable. When I sit in your office and talk to other patients, I’ve heard nothing but good things about you and this treatment. I’m glad I came in!"
- Patrick, Lethbridge, AB
"I had tennis elbow and it was very painful. I couldn’t lift things or even roll over in bed. I’d get a sharp radiating pain into my arm and shoulder. I was very skeptical after 3 treatments but all of of sudden after 4 treatments I was able to do things I wasn’t able to do before."
- Henry D (Repeat Customer), Coaldale, AB
"I had my knees treated with shockwave treatment over a year ago and I’ve forgotten I even have knees. People should know that I’m very active. I work on my farm, I do 10km runs and I cycle over 200km per month. The results are exceptional and I have nothing but praise about my knees."
- Henry D, Coaldale, AB